Fatigue in People with Cerebral Palsy
I am currently working on a project investigating the possible causes of fatigue in people with cerebral palsy. It is very early days for this project.
I have presented a poster, abstract for which can be found here.
My first paper from this project can be found here

Brain Mapping and Motor Control in People with Cerebral Palsy
Current project, and the main focus of my postdoc. Looking at the associations between TMS derived brain maps and motor function in children with CP.

Exercise-Induced Fatigue
I am interested in the current theories of fatigue, and their ability to predict fatigue in both clinical populations, and transient fatigue from work or physical activity. I am writing a couple of reviews on these topics, papers to follow shortly (I hope).
I have some papers on exercise induced fatigue, which you can read here.
I have an ongoing preregistered study looking the effects of tDCS on exercise induced fatigue.

Post-Exertional Malaise in People with Cancer Related Fatigue
This is a project Rosie has instigated, the project details for which can be found here.

The Cognitive Control of Walking
This was the topic of my PhD. I have used dual-task walking paradigms to examine how healthy adults control walking, and what factors (cognitive task, walking modality) influence this. All my papers on this topic can be found here.